Here at WORLD ON FIRE we're all about the hot topics and trends that are upcoming in the near future. The world is changing, and it's changing fast. Here are just a few of the subjects we investigate.

Nanotechnoloy (i.e.the manipulation of structures at an atomic level — or the science of very small things) is the hyped technology of the new millennium. It's unlikely to disappoint either because it's a disruptive technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI), largely manifesting through machine learning algorithms, isn't just getting better. It isn't just getting more funding. It's being incorporated into a more diverse range of applications. Rather than focusing on one goal, like mastering a game or communicating with humans, AI is starting to make an appearance in almost every new platform, app, or device, and that trend is only going to accelerate in the near future.

Rising concerns regarding technology companies' increasing power is driving pushback from government organizations, and this trend to gain momentum in the next couple of years. Greater government and regulatory oversight is likely to protect consumers and curb corporate overreach, but may also stunt innovation.

5G is a type of wireless technology that you may have heard about in recent headlines. One reason why it's such a big deal is that it will result in higher wireless speeds, capacities, and lower latency - which generally means that there will be far fewer delays or "technical hesitancies" in some of the things it powers, like wireless VR or autonomous vehicles.

Edge computing is the key factor to make the Internet of Things work since connected devices will generate so much data that transmitting, storing and analysing all that data at a central location is no longer viable. Not only that, connected devices such as drones, self-driving cars or robots will, most likely, require extreme rapid processing. Creating the data, sending it to the cloud for analysis and returning the results to the device will simply take up too much time.

According to a report by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, sustainable business has the potential to unlock $12 trillion in new market value. Companies have recognised the importance of pursuing sustainable development to create maintainable strategies, answering consumer demand for environmental awareness and supporting the implementation of the circular economy.